Bars and Clubs

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All Black Irish Pub
Rua Oscar Freire, 163 Jardins
(011) 3088-7990

Rua Dr. Mello Alves 150 Jardim Paulista

Bar da Vila
Rua Joaquim Távora 1322 Vila Mariana

Av. Vereador José Diniz 3832 Santo Amaro
Live Music

Rua Luís Murat 298 Vila Madalena
Open air seating, food, dance floor

Café São Paulo Antigo
Largo Santa Cecília 52 Santa Cecília

Av. Ibirapuera, 2563 Moema
Live shows, open air seating

Rua Fidalga, 254 Vila Madalena
At old Dolores building

Lone Star
Al Min Rocha Azevedo 1096 Jardins
Live Music, outdoor tables, Mexican style

Avenida Juscelino Kubitschek 1388 Itaim Bibi
Rustic style, dance floor, sofas, live show

Rua Pinheiros 473 Pinheiros
Dance floor

San Francisco Bay
Rua Barão de Capanema 30 Jardins
Live music

Viva México
Rua Fradique Coutinho 1124 Pinheiros

Whisky a Go Go
Rua Santo Antonio 1115 Bela Vista
Live music, theme nights, 60’s style

Night Clubs
Rua Quatá 1071 Vila Olímpia
38427956 or 38427837

Cafe Photo
In the Moema area of San Paulo about a half-an-hours cab ride outside of the city. Also known as Café Foto it is absolutely impossible to find, so I have not given the address here. Your best bet is to take a taxi to it. Café Photo has no sign. It’s a large pale-yellow building sitting behind a gated semi-circular driveway. This club is set in a disco lounge type environment, like Help Disco in Rio but very upscale. The entrance to Cafe Photo is 158 reals about US$75 dollars. It includes two drinks. It also covers the exit fee if you decide to leave with a girl. On any given night, Café Photo offers about 150-200 women. Most are pretty good looking; a few are drop-dead. All seem to quote at least 500 reals as the price for 2 hours. None seemed too eager to negotiate. If you want the best and are willing to pay for it this is the place for you.

Carioca Club
R Cardeal Arcoverde 2899 Pinheiros

Behind the Hilton. Starts after 11pm. Best place close to the Hilton.

Enfarta Madalena
Rua Fidalga 46 Vila Madalena.
212-2126, 3819-3119 or 3819-3567

Hollywood Project
R dos Pinheiros 783 Pinheiros
3061-5518 or 881-8706

Image Club
Rua Leopoldo Couto de Magalhães 1143 Itaim Bibi
3849-6226, 3849-9158 or 3845-9158

Love Club & Lounge
Rua Pequetita 189, Vila Olímpia

Nostro 2000
R da Consolação 2554 Jardim Paulista

Show Bar
Address Rua Cardeal Arcoverde 1393 Pinheiros
In Pinheiros, inspired by the film Coyote Ugly in which beautiful young barmaids get up on the counter and dance while preparing cocktails and performing feats of acrobatics in general. Some smooth spinning of bottles á la Tom Cruise Cocktail. A lounge, bar, dance floor and mezzanine. Rock, pop and disco music is played while the dance floor plays techno by resident DJ Pelé. R$10 to R$35

R Tabapuã, 1463 Itaim Bibi

Club Paradise
Rua Correa Dias 161
(011) 570-4457 couples are encouraged to be creative and to expose themselves. There are six suites where the hottest people can continue what they started in public. The meetings on Thursdays and Fridays, which cost $50, offer a climate conducive to seduction, with little light and male strippers’ shows. The encounters start always the same way: bashful people going around in bathrobes, drinking and sitting close or inside the Jacuzzi. But the participants usually warm up very fast when thighs, breasts, pubis and genitalia start to crop up.

A club that opened its doors in São Paulo last January. The pleasure castle has Carrara marble (the same favored by Michelangelo) on its floors, 23 suites, swimming pool and sauna, and cost $2.5 billion to be built. Paulista (from São Paulo) farmer Oscar Maroni Filho, the owner, is very happy with the investment, however.

The cash register starts ringing the moment the client enters the Bahamas door and 250 customers have been visiting the novelty every day. He pays $50 just to get in. A few hors d’oeuvres raise the bill very fast to $150. Add $300 for the girl and $40 for using the suite for one hour and it’s easy to understand why Maroni Filho is asking himself why he hasn’t left his 1000 plus cows before.

Just returned from Sao Paulo. Plenty of action. Strongly urge you try The Bahamas Club. Entry will cost 80 reals about $40 US dollars, but you gain access to approximately 75 girls and cheap drinks in a party bar environment. Diet Coke about 2.30 reals. Usual distribution of ladies about 15 really sensational ones and the remaining ones are around a 7 with a few 4’s. Another 70 reals gets you a room quite clean upstairs for an hour. Most will leave with you to your hotel. Seems the fare for most girls to go upstairs or return with you to hotel is 200 reals about $100 US.

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