Sex Motels

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There is a row of motels on Avenida Casonova that serve as In Call brothels. Most have a bar in front with available girls and available rooms in back. The going rate is about US $60 short time in the daytime and US $80 in the evening highly negotiable depending on amount of customers. The quality in these hotels are inconsistent and spotty. Jump in any cab and ask for Calle de los hoteles. They’ll know where it is.

Hotel Sava
When you walk inside there will be a bar in front. Usually around 9PM they’ll be maybe 15-20 girls of all sizes and ages. Some will approach you. The girls must drink a minimum of 2 specials from the bar, about $10 a pop. Hotel room is about $10. getting laid will cost you around $60-70. Rooms in the hotel are clean but only used for sex.

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