Poozer’s January 2022 Prague Report

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poozers january 2022 Prague Czech Adult tour Report

This is my report of a long weekend in Prague, concentrating exclusively on the escort scene.  The trip was designed to make maximum use of the time available, and hopefully ensure some reliability about what I would be getting.  I am from London, and usually go to Germany for FKK which is surely the most wonderful invention:  in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt or Cologne, the prices are fair and the choice of talent is usually excellent – but that’s another story.  Prague has a raunchy reputation with stag parties and football fans, who focus on the club scene, but for escorts I used https://adultprague.com which claims to have many hundreds of ‘independent’ girls.  The site is quite well organized, with nice pictures, phone numbers, lists of services, dimensions of the girls etc.  Close inspection of the phone numbers suggests that many of them are actually with agencies, which of course take a cut;  genuinely independent girls are often able to offer slightly cheaper prices.

First, I checked the list of ‘girl friendly’ hotels, and chose one where escorts are admitted without hassle (though they may have to show their ID).  Then I spent some time scanning through the Adult Prague pages, saving the likely candidates to my ‘Favorites’, before messaging them on Whats App.  All of them were Czech, as I am suspicious about rip-offs from Russian girls.  My first rendez-vous at the hotel was with Mila, who had some fantastic lingerie shots on the web-page but proved to be quite different in reality – probably a substitute as she didn’t seem to recognize her own name.  She was a hairdresser by day and worked for an agency, phoning in as soon as she had collected the agreed price of €160.  Short and cuddly with long blonde hair and quite firm juicy tits;  although I asked her to bring stockings and garter belt (my fetish), she didn’t.  Service was strictly average:  BJ only with condom, pussy licking and a reasonable fuck which did her some good, I think, as I felt her responding nicely.  Score: 6/10.

Next up was Iva, a milfy38-year old housewife who does some part-time whoring on the side.  I was hoping that an experienced woman might have something to offer although in fact she later admitted to being rather nervous, having never met me before. She was also blonde, even more cuddly than Mila, and grateful for the garter belt and bra which I gave her although they didn’t really fit properly.  Price was Kc 2000.  She was working out of her friend’s flat, keen on good hygiene and able to speak reasonable English.  Once more it was BJ only with condom, and pussy licking her cavernous stoke-hole was a let-down.  Sex was mediocre, as she had very slack muscles, so I let her suck me off to finish with, which she did quite well.  Score: 6/10.

My downward descent continued with Samantha, advertised as a 25 years old slim blonde, but surely at least 30, with a beefy frame, and a complete neurotic.  I chose her because she offered a threesome with a girlfriend (another preference of mine, and very easy to set up in FKK).  On the day, she messaged me that her friend was not available after all – I doubt actually that her friend ever existed so this was just a come-on to get me interested.  Fortunately I was chatting also to Sofia, another blonde who offered threesomes.  Then she claimed her friend had the virus, so I replied that fucking viruses was a bit too kinky for me, and contacted Samantha again.  As the time of our appointment approached, she started WhatsApping me every few minutes to check that I was still on the way, and then sent me ?? when I was about five minutes late.  Her price was €140 with an extra €20 for BBBJ.

This girl was obviously a hopeless amateur.  She wore a garter belt and stockings over her knickers, making cunnilingus quite difficult because she couldn’t get her knickers down properly, although her pussy was neat and tasty underneath.  All the time she is wriggling about, jumping up and down off the bed and giggling in way that soon got very much on my nerves.  The BJ was adequate, but she insisted on facing away from me so that POV (which I like very much) was impossible.  In the end, I lost patience and walked out.  Score:  1/10.

Finally, there was Alena, advertised at age 34, but clearly pushing 40, whom I contacted by phone (no Whats App number).  This proved to be a good move:  she spoke good English, was completely professional and offered to come round to the hotel for no extra charge;  her rate was €120 including BBBJ.  She was more beefy that Samantha, but graceful with it and had an excellent personality.  We chatted easily about all sorts of things including her sexual experiences.  She had short blonde hair, with chunky tits and a neat pussy though she did not like to have it licked.  Her day job was with a firm that provided catering to the film industry, including porn companies, though she thought that whole business very artificial.  We got on fine, and it was a lovely relaxing encounter;  I gave her a tip and would recommend her to anyone who likes the milfy type as, once again, she was a good deal older than her picture suggests.  As she was single, my guess is that she likes a nice fuck now and then and doesn’t care how she gets it.  Score 8/10.

In all, I have mixed feelings about sex in Prague.  Perhaps I would have done better to stake out the clubs – Club 161 looked promising but I have seen no reports of it.  Otherwise, escorts are pretty hit and miss.  My advice:  stick to FKK.


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