Private Houses

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Hi all, here is a good lead for the Antwerp area: As the red light window area has been well documented i will keep to some private houses. As my own particular fantasy is soft-bondage i will list places discovered upon my travels in quest of damsels to PUT into distress…

Mission, Rosier 6, Antwerp centre. tel 03 226 7056. Very nice house in a quiet street, very clean and friendly staff. I met with Kitty who is late 30’s early 40 but well kept and a good shape – very nice legs and breasts. There are usually 2-3 other girls, but only 2 were into being tied up. All good looking chicks, varying ages, but Kitty is the oldest (and the ‘Madame’ of the house). 1 hour was 6000 (4 months ago) but she doesn’t really watch the clock. We had a fantastic romp and she was willing to try anything i suggested and various tie ups. I practice a “soft” bondage and no whips and stuff. But I know she will go further, because they have the stuff for it. Call for hours.

S Empire, K. Oomsstraat12, tel 03 237 0685. This place is a bit less classy, but still OK for cleanliness and 2 friendly girls. Nikki is a bit plump, but looked OK dressed up in a tight leather outfit with bulges in the right places. Her dominant girl-friend is a real knock-out if you want a girl to dominate you, this is the place.

Nikki goes quite a bit further than I actually wanted (imagine that happening !!) so it was an education to say the least. A little pricey – 8000 for 1 hour, but these girls don’t haggle. Good if you want extreme, but otherwise go to Mission.

More updates soon, I am going to try one who advertises you can make a ‘home movie’ with the girl. I’ll report this in mid-march.

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