Red Light District

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There are three main areas (Red Light Districts) to find action in the city.

This area is popular among tourists and sailors. It’s the most lively area in the city there are over 100 different red-light houses in just a few blocks. Lots of white girls, mostly from Holland and the former East European countries and many black girls, Ghana, Zaire, etc.. For the best selection look between 9pm-3am, after that time pickings get a little slim. But because there are so many girls, you should really get several prices before picking one.. Of course, the younger better looking girls ask for more $$$. Location; start at the Steen museum on the Kaaien and make your way north. You should then turn right at the first traffic light. When you reach the first intersection, you will be right in the middle of the Schipperskwartier. You can drive by the hookers, watch out for the one-way streets. Just follow the others cars. There’s also a very good disco (Cafe d’Anvers), in case you don’t find what you want many freelancers are working here.

In this area, you can usually find about fifty working girls waiting for dates. It is almost completely populated by black girls. This is really a buyer’s market. Prices can drop very low here. Most of them look like real dogs, but there are always a few very attractive and very young girls waiting to take you cash.. You will be in no danger here, as black pimps keep a close eye on who is walking about the area. You might want to reconsider coming here, if you are either drunk or wearing a suit. And better not to drive through these streets, because they will charge you by the cost of your car. Mercedes drivers will be charged more than VW drivers.

This area is populated by street hookers only, only come here if you have a car,the girls will walk up to your window and try to sell themselves to you. The hookers here dispersed over about 10 streets or 4 blocks. It’s located near the Franklin Roosevelt plaats all the bus stops are here. You can easily drive the carousel; just follow one of the hundreds of cars driving round it in the evening. Most girls will ask you to pay for a short time hotel room. Parking is easy and safe, because this area is regularly patrolled by the Police. A major disadvantage here is that the girls are completely dressed, so that you can’t see them in their underwear, which you can in both areas mentioned above. So, be very careful with what you choose. Some girls will try to dispense with the cost of the room and fuck you in the car. They will most likely try to direct you to a dark street in the neighborhood. While this may seem OK to some consider the fact that this is very much illegal, and you really don’t want to be caught by the Police.

Found a wild one in the RLD schipperskwartier. When you come from the Falconplein about in the middle of the Schipperstraat on the left. She has her name at the window: Andrea. She’s rather petite with short blond hair. Small tits. She tongue kisses like hell, before licking your nipples and stomach and works down on your balls and gives you a great rim job. Followed by an expert blow job (unfortunately with condom) and 69 if you wish. I finished with fucking her in the missionary while french kissing her as deep as possible. Price: €50,00. No time pressure.

In Antwerp the Red Light district is located near the center in the area around Falcon Plein. There are two main streets Verversrui and Schippersstraat. I like Antwerp because there are some girls which are really good looking and classy, not all of them but there are at least 10 which are really worth checking. You have to check the place both day and night (the night shift starts at 8), when you get there walk around and wait before choosing because the nicest girls are often busy, you can see if a girl is busy if there is a light on inside the window. In Verversrui check house number 9 during the day (ask for Samantha) and number 12 at night for some really exciting blondes. In Schipperstraat there is a square on the left maybe you will find a dark skin girl with an amazing body, her name is Lenny, pay her a visit and you will not regret it.

In general you will find better girls during the day also the place is more relaxed, late at night it could turn a little dangerous, but nothing really to worry about. Prices run from Bef 2000 for 15 minutes to Bef 8000 ($200) for an hour, girls normally do not go really wild, it depends mostly from you and the money you want to spend. Most of the girls will do trios but most of them are not lesbian or bisexual. Ask them before, some girls really like each other and they could give you an exciting show and let you participate to their fun. To my experience the best girls come from Holland they normally speak good English which helps any international traveler

I have been a few times to Antwerpen and each time I pay a visit to its RLD, which is not as big as Amsterdam’s, but still worth visiting. The girls operate from windows on the street, so take you time and walk around: the best girls are often busy and you may miss them on your first round. As you approach the RDL from the centre (the Grosse Markt Platz) there is a first street in which you will see mostly black or Asian girls, some of them quite nice, most in my opinion, average or below. They will tap on the glass to attract you attention, shout and some will even jump out of their window and try to pull you in. In general, they will quote you a very low price (500 BEF = approx. 15 USD) and they will let you understand that you can lick their pussy (not that I would recommend that!) or even have anal sex with them, then, as soon as you are in, they will start asking you for more money to start anything. If you like one of them, agree on what you want and the price you want to pay before you go in, and let them understand that you will not pay more than agreed.

If you continue on the same street after the first intersection, you will get to an area where there is a mix of white (mostly Eastern European) and black girls. Prices here are double than in the “black and Asian” street: about 1000 BEF (30 UDS) for F or S, 2000 for F and S, about 4000 for 1/2 hour, 6-8000 for an hour. Quality of girls is generally better, with some 10’s and improves as you go ahead, up to about 3/4 of the street, then there is some decrease in quality. The street ends in a square with regular shops, turn right and then right on the next street again and you are back in the RDL. In this street, quality is usually high also. Last time I was here, I found an incredible blond girl from Amsterdam (she comes to work here every weekday, noon to 9 p.m.), about 6″, huge breasts (silicon) and beautiful face and body. She asked 2000 for F&S (the fare is the same for the model-types and the dogs, you just have to be lucky -or know how to judge- because you can get a top-treatment from a goddess and a lousy job from a dog, and pay exactly the same!) but half-way through the session I decided to “upgrade” to a half hour for 4000 BEF. I got wonderful sex action: a very nice blowjob and changed a few positions (all with condom), a little back massage and a tit fuck with baby oil (w/o condom) between the first time and the second and after we talked for a while (at this point I was completely drenched in sweat, but before leaving she dried my body with paper towels – the cubicles in which they operate don’t usually have showers). All in all, I stayed for almost an hour, without her hurrying me or asking for more money. After that time, I am a regular of hers!

Last year I was in Belgium for the first time, in Antwerp to be more precise. I have visited the red light district in Amsterdam, and heard that there should be a similar area in Antwerp. But it took me quite some time to find it, so here is the description so you don’t need to waste so much time as I did.
The area is quite big, but if you have a map, look after Oude Man Straat. In my opinion, this is the best of the streets offering girls, and the other streets are very easy to find, just follow the constant flow of male drivers and pedestrians who circulate around in the area.
And the system is the same as in RLD in Amsterdam: Lots of small shops with big windows in which the girls sit or lie, being almost nude. And most of them are really beautiful!
The standard price is 1.000 BEF, which includes hand- and blowjob. If you want a 69’er, the price is much higher, about 2.000 BEF.
But this is in the area where the Caucasian girls work. In the neighbor area where the black girls work the prices are about 2/3. Many of the black girls are real beauties, but I found that many of them used rather aggressive marketing methods.
If you come from the centre, you can take a street car number 14 and after that number 4 or 7 to reach this wonderland.

RLD is only 3 streets now however good quality. I suggest a German girl called moonie. Beautiful body. for 100 euro iis 30 mins with hand job with oil without condom, 69 licking pussy, fuck. Another one is an Albanian girl, very friendly, dark hair called Monica that will do BBBJ.

The RLD is now only 3 streets! But still 3 worthwhile streets. I enjoyed very much a girl from Malta… BBBJ, 69, missionary and doggy style … super nice tits… for 50 Eur. And she was VERY nice!

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