Street Scene

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Ave Louise
East-European girls, prices start at 25 Euro Oral, 50 Euro for Full Service. Use a hotel in area for 20 euro for the room.

Behind Gare du Nord
Girls sitting behind windows. Check windows on Rue d’Aerschot, for good looking girls. Prices start at 50 euro for Oral, Expect to pay 100 Euro for FS. Down rue d’Aerschot there are some other streets like Rue de Plantes.)you’ll find some African girls behind windows with lower prices starting at about 20 Euros.

Check out the Window area
behind the North Station in Brussels
30 Euro Oral or FS for 40 Euros

Train station South
there are severl Pubs with girls
Oral 25 Euros, FS 50 Euros + 15 Euros for the room

Yesterday tens of pros where waiting on the ave Roy Albert 2. On one side all transsexuals, on the other side real girls. At the beginning of the avenue, I picked up a small dark haired good looking chick (7-8/10) with black short mini pants and sexy black top. She happened to be new in Brussels. Comes from Bulgaria. She doesn’t speak a word of French, English or German. Only Bulgarian. I thought she asked 50 euro for Full Service and oral in the car like the other streetwalkers. I think I could have given her anything, she had no idea of the value of the euro. We drove to a quiet spot in the area. She started to french kiss me and grabbed my crotch. She opened my zipper and started a BBBJ. Very enthusiastic. I pulled down my pants and showed her my balls. She understood immediately and sucked on them very expertly. In the meantime I undressed her top. Nice small tits. She asked me if I wanted Full Service. I said of course but where is the condom? She didn’t have any, but didn’t seem to see that as a problem. I said no of course and finished in her mouth.

From about 11 pm, streetwalkers are standing on the Avenue Louise. About 20 of them, I guess. Many are very good looking, some in hot SW fitting. Some are Belgian, most are East European. 30 euro for oral in the car or in a park. 50 euro for oral and Full Service in the car or 100 euro for half hour in a hotel (+28 euro for the room.)

Decided to go for the street action as most paper-escorts would not visit hotels after 2100 pm for security purposes and it was already 2030 when I got my hotel.

Had a walk down Av. Louise but found nothing of interest (mind you it was Wednesday night) so I decided to grab a cab and go for the Rue d’Aerschot option. Taxi costed me around 13 euros from Tiffany square and was a 5 to 10 minute drive. From what I gathered most of the action is on Rue d’Aershot (just off the train station) even though I didn’t spend much time wondering around the side streets.

Girls sit by neon red light windows so I had a good look passing by before making up my mind. I went for a slim short hair brunette with nice full tits that seemed somewhat friendly and negotiated 50 euros (in English) for a ‘suck and fuck’. The 50 soon become 60 as the girl had no change for three twenties and promised a ‘change position’ treatment. I said no to the additional 3 euro request ‘for the lady’.

To my surprise there was no bed behind the curtain .. just a sofa by a little table, so I decided to make the best out of what was available given that I had already paid. Took my clothes off and the sucking action began which was quite good and un rushed. Major hit came when I got asked for an additional 10 euro when I tried to get a hold of her tits. .. needless to say I could do without the tit-grabbing (considered the 10 euro as a ‘taking the piss’ rip-off) and proceeded to some classic doggy style action (with limited penetration as she kept her fingers around the base of the condom). I finished without changing positions as I didn’t really consider the sofa very comfortable for the old miss style.

Ride back costed 8 euro to the same place where I got the other taxi so I guess I had been taken for a bit of a tour. Not a bad experience altogether (except for the rip off aspect of it)… perhaps it would have been different if I could speak the language. I will surely opt for the hotel visit on my next trip (prices range around 150 euros for ‘complete service’ which includes a massage, b.j. and sex)

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