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In Thessaloniki there is not much of a sex life… You can find some brothels in the “Ladadika” area. In there you can find some girls, most of them though you wont find really attractive. There are also some transsexuals there. On the streets you can find some girls at the beginning of “28 Oktovriou” str. but also u can find some transsexuals again. The best girls you can find are some eastern block girl (Russia, Ukraine, Chechz republic etc.) referred to be massage-girls. Many local newspapers are full of these girls adds. I’ve been to 2-3 of them. The first one was a young (20yr) girl. The other was an Ukraine one (25yrs) and the last one was a grate 18yr old really talkative chick. If you pay them they can give u a blowjob without the condom or they can let you fuck their ass. You first find the add, you call them, and they give you the exact address of the girl(s). In most cases in each address there are 2 or more girls you can choose from. In many cases they can do a lesbian show for you in which sometimes they let u participate!… The prices are about 20.000-35.000 Greek Drachmas ($60-$100).

Well I have a different opinion concerning Thesaloniki. First of all I believe that Thessaloniki is the last sex paradise of Greece. The brothels in Ladadika and Vardaris area it’s a hopeless case. I cannot tell for the massage parlors but I doubt that the quality is as good as described. Personally speaking when ever I am there I prefer the agencies publishing in the local newspapers. Generally I am having good time but the price is 25,000 Drh and nothing to write home. If you want a real lesbian show, bbbj, you pay Double and you can participate as well. Don’t forget that these kind of scenarios lasts 1hour max. What I do I use the same agency the last 2 years, I am choosing the same girls, for two hours and you see the benefits after the second visit. Apart from cumming to their mouths, once they let me do anal for no extra cost. If you are happy with their performance tip the girls 5000 Drh and you will nor regret. If there is a good address or phone No please post it

The newspapers that you should look is MAKEDONIA and THESSALONIKI (they come in one set) You should look under the classifieds GNORIMIES. It’s a quite big section, almost 2 pages. The 99% have a mobile phone number. I think that you can manage it, I assume that most of the dispatchers speak English, as for the girls if they don’t , do not worry. The quoted price is normally from 20,000 to 25,000 Grd for one time and not for one hour. With that amount of money you should expect BJ or even a BBBJ and action in several positions. If you wish Anal you should expect to pay plus 10.000 Grd. Most of the girls are good looking so I don’t think that you will be disappointed. An other important think is that the agencies have more than one telephone number so you might find your self calling the same agency twice. A good tip is to tell them that you intent to stick with them, that you will be regular bla bla bla and they should send you their best of the best. Or tell them that if you will not be satisfied you will call back to complain. That trick worked fine with me when I start to explore the scenery. As for the Hotels all of them close an eye when your company arrives in your hotel room and normally they don’t charge extra person. In Hyatt as soon as your company will reach the reception desk they will call your room to confirm that you actually asked for her, they will keep her passport or ID, but no extra charges.

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