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Best hotels for an overnight?
Hotel Caesar: Revolution & 4th
Hotel Nelson: Rev & 2nd
Register as two guests (you and the lady).
Hotel Coahuila and Hotel Manhattan sometimes have overnight rooms available. Both are on Calle Coahuila west of Constitucion and west of Heros Ninas.
Las Cascadas, located west of Adelita Bar above Chevelas. Around $20-$30+ a night, depending on the room. Air-conditioned rooms with TV. If you want IN THE ZONE, then this place it is.
The rooms aren’t great, but if you’re just looking for a place to crash after you get drunk, it’s not bad. Has cable TV w/porn and a bathroom. The bed has only one or two sheets, so you’re going to have to sleep on top of them, unless you want to take your chances sleeping on that mattress.
For something less expensive, try Hotel Leyva next to the Chicago Club ($15-$25+). The benefit is that most girls at Chicago Club will go next door for the night without a problem. They’re less apt to leave the Zona if they don’t know you well.
Try to get a room on the third or fourth level, as they are carpeted and a bit nicer. The first and second levels have non-carpeted rooms with bad plumbing. Parking is free.
There are nicer hotels like the Grand or Pueblo Amigo, but they’re a taxi ride away.

La Villa Zaragosa is not exactly in the zone, but it’s a nice, clean place. It’s about a mile from the action. Personally, I prefer to sleep outside the zone.
Rizo de Oro, above Tropical, is crappy, but OK if Cascadas or Leyva are full. It, too, has TV with porn.

Best Value Tijuana Restaurants?
El Taurino Steakhouse
7957 6th. Street between Niños Héroes & Miguel F. Martínez
Good steaks, decent prices. My buddy and I both ordered the house special, which is called “La Cabreria.” You get a one-pound slab of steak cooked just the way you like it. Ours came with a barbecued chicken leg, beans, corn tortillas, salad, soup, fried onions, salsa, and hot peppers. Cost: 13 bucks.
I couldn’t finish mine, but my buddy snarfed all of his down, side dishes and all. If you have a wimpier appetite, like me, then go for the “Half Cabereria” ($9.50).
Sanchez Tabodoa No. 10132. Cross street: Diego Rivera, across the street from the courthouse
Serves good and inexpensive Japanese food, particularly sushi.

Best taco stands in TJ?
“I like the stand where Rev bends east next to the gas station. Tons of locals eat here and the torts are hand made fresh. It’s across the street from the car dealership (on the south end of Rev) going deeper into TJ.”

“Try the place directly across the street from Chicago Club. There are two side by side. Go to the one on the left. It rules. They cook the carne asada over charcoal and flames which makes the meat much tastier than the other taco stands, and at only 6 pesos per taco, it’s a better deal than the stands. Trust me — they are incredible.”  “The white van outside Chavelas has the best tacos I have yet tasted, better than the ones outside of AB. Try them, you will not be unhappy.”

La Costa
7th, just west of Revolution on the south side of the street. Free parking, very secure.
The food was excellent. I had the surf and turf combo. Shrimp in a Mexican salsa with filet Mignon for the steak. Superior service, a good place to take the wife or girlfriend.

This resturant is on the corner of 3rd and Colon about 6 blocks west of Revolution. If you drive in take the Calle 3 exit and go straight past Revolution. They have valet parking in 2 secure and fenced lots on the north and south side. It has a giant Palapa Style roof. Live music nightly with a 15-20 piece band (Louder than AB’s) It is just around the corner from Wendy’s Massage. The food is wonderful and the service has been excellent Highly recommended and frequented by Locals.
The menu consists of seafood and steak. For dessert, try the pastele de tres leches 2.00 a fantastic experience.

Hotel Coahuila
Calle Coahuila
Zona Norte
Tijuana, Baja California
Hotel Coahuila charges about $35 per night for a nice clean room. It’s next door to Adelita Bar and you can bring women from AB or other clubs without a hitch.

I stayed one night at Hotel Leyva last trip. It is a four-story motel type place with 110 rooms. On Saturday night, I paid $200 pesos and got change. Nice big room. The carpet was new and had a smell, glue they thought. Upstairs and north away from the street is where you want to be. Nice and relatively quiet. I didn’t bring a girl there (I was busy at AB that day). I am sure the CC girls would go there. Many of the tenants were obviously working girls. Five “value” stars. Third world view from the balcony.
There card reads:
Tel. 88-39-68, 88-39-56, 85-97-74
110 rooms, hot water 24 hours, liberal regulation (amplio estacionamiento)
Ave. Constitucion Tijuana, Baja CFA
Num 412 Zona Norte Mexico

La Villa de Zaragoza
Av. Madero 1120 Entre 7 Y 8
Zona Centro, Cp 22000
Tijuana, B.C. Mexico
(66) 85-1832
(660 85-1837 fax
24hr Reservations
011 526-685-1832
Behind the Jai Alai Palace one block from Avenida Revolucion, it’s close to all the action and only minutes away from the Zona Rosa, you can bring women with you without a problem.
Directions: After crossing the border take 3rd St. Downtown off ramp, left at 3rd Slight, straight 4 1/2 blocks; the Hotel is on the left side of the street on Madero between 7th and 8th street. Prices are reasonable and this is probably one of the better hotels in the area.


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