Brothels For Sale

NEVADA BROTHELS FOR SALE The following is a list of brothels, grouped by region, that may be or are currently for sale.I-80 AREA Donna’s Ranch/Desert Club (closed), Battle Mountain Asking price: Unknown More details here (link to external website with property description and contact information) NOTE: Listing is from April… Continue reading

CLOSED Villa Joy

The Villa Joy 30 Riverside Street Winnemucca, NV 89445 Tel 775 623-9903 Web Site Villa of Joy Penny’s Cozy Corner and 2 other Brothels All seem to have NEW talent willing to work deals starting at $50. Actually some pretty good looking gals. One who used to work at MLBR… Continue reading

CLOSED Simone’s De Paris

Simone’s De Paris 26 Riverside Street Winnemucca, NV 89445 Tel 775 623-9927 Email Web Site Simone’s De Paris This brothel is open again. New management hopes to create the best brothel in The Line and is working to attract quality women. Prices are reasonable ($150 can get you a half-and-half… Continue reading